Spring is a time for growth.

    Spring is a busy time for us, working to schedule events where we will share our stuff, signing up for classes to build and refine our skills, and planning time to be able to take a break from it all.  If you check our events page regularly, we will be adding new events as we apply and get confirmed for them.

    Of course we are also working on making lots of new stuff.  It is tough to market your work when everything you make is one of a kind and hand made.  Updating websites, sales channels, and maximizing profits is great for businesses, but also time consuming.  There is also ordering supplies, accounting, taxes, and all the other non-creative part to having an artistic/maker type business.  It is a lot of work and skill sets that come into play when running a business and it is only the three of us, and one of us is mostly busy enjoying being a kid (as she should be.)

    The best way to see our stuff is to check it out at an event we are vending at.  You can find a small selection of Astrid's art hanging in Artistic Portland Gallery on NE Fremont St.  You can also check our square site, we really do try to keep it up to date with what we have availiable outside of the gallery.  If you check out our Instagram account @atrumarte,  there are often pictures of what we are working on too.  Remember, each piece is unique, so if you see something you like.... 


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