• More than just makers...

    In order to help with the musical instrument side of things (we can't make every part), we have developed a few accounts with manufacturers of musical instrument parts and accessories, that if not fully, at least as much as possible, reflect our values.  Because of this, we are also able to offer items from these companies to our customers.

    Check out our sales site for current inventory or contact us if there is something we don't have in stock or maybe just not listed.  We also have lots of parts from trading, repairs, upgrades, etc.

    We currently carry Gator cases, Levy's straps, Frallin pickups, and Allparts parts and accesories.

    Like most small businesses, we don't have room to keep a large inventory, buy in bulk, or just dropship items from the manufacturer.  Our margins are small when it comes to reselling.  While you may be able to find it cheaper somewhere else (online), get free shipping, or some other way to financially sweeten your purchase from another sales avenue, or just find a cheaper alternative to what we offer, we feel there are some good reasons to purchase from us.

    Every time you buy something from us, you support a family that gives back to the community, your community.  We prioritze buying products from other makers and small businesses when possible. We volunteer, donate to causes that support the environment and social justice, to people in need, pay taxes locally to support the local infrastructure (we pay more taxes per year than some of the biggest companies in the world, and our donations when put in proper financial perpective to what we earn, are absolutely epic in comparison).  Most of the time these things go unrecognized, but we do it because we hope that by making the world around us better, it will spread like a shockwave and maybe even eventually come back around to us.

    We are also conscious of the environment and think about the materials we use, the things we order, and the companies we order from.  The items we resell are curated by us with the same intentions as the things we make.  There is more to value than just the monetary price, we choose things that will last, that were created with minimal impact, and will minimze their impact at end of the product life.  Fix it, upcycle it, recycle it.  If it outlasts your needs, pass it on to someone else. Consume, but do it consciously.

    Thank you for reading this and thinking of us.