Art by

Astrid Beatriz

A Salvadorean artist inspired by her heritage and life.

Where to Shop!

Online, the gallery, or a market or festival.

Musical Instruments

Atrum Kithara

Guitars, cigar box instruments, kalimbas, and more.

Markets, shops, and other places you can view and purchase our works.

A family of artisans.


Astrid is an indigenous immigrant Salvadoreña who enjoys creating wood and fiber arts.  Brent is a product of Dutch and Indonesian immigrants and is a degreed luthier (a builder of stringed instruments), our daughter blends these things and creates her own unique arts and crafts.


We are members of Artistic Portland Gallery a co-op art gallery/gift shop, but you can also find us vending at fairs, markets, and festivals around the greater Portland, Oregon area.  We love to connect with our customers and being part of different communities.


Check out our events page or social media @atrumarte to find out where we will be and what we are working on, or follow the link to our online shop to purchase something.

Astrid Beatriz and Brent