Atrum Kithara Unique Instruments

Located in our home in NE Portland, Oregon, we are a small shop building, selling, and repairing guitars and other instruments.  We also carry a limited amount of parts and accesories and can order from a few different vendors.  We currently have accounts with Allparts, Gator, Levy's, Hipshot, and Fralin pickups.


Brent Furstner is a graduate of Minnesota State Technical College SE Tech's Guitar Building and Repair program, and has been working on instruments for decades.  Astrid is a wood artist, and Luciana is a young luthier apprentice and artist.  Together we create a variety of instruments that embody our art, values, and spirit.


Atrum is Latin for dark, ugly, monstrous.

Kithara is one of the first plucked string instruments from Greece and Latin for guitar.


You can currently find a few of our instruments online, at markets we attend, or contact us at to schedule an appointment.